Virtual Coaching Clinic: December 2016
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You're Invited to Our Virtual Coaching Clinic
With Brock Argue, Gene Gendel, and Simon Orrell.


Scrum Alliance® is continually looking for ways to enhance your learning and help you on your Agile journey. To that end, we are thrilled to have held the Virtual Coaching Clinic webinar.

We invited eight coaches who participated in the webinar with three of our Certified Enterprise Coaches. The panel personally offered their feedback and provided coaching advice on each unique situation.

We are excited to offer you another way to build on your professional development.

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Brock_ArgueBrock Argue specializes in taking an organizational approach to agility – recognizing that all aspects of the business benefit from the application of agile values and principles. Drawing from many different disciplines, his style of facilitation creates an environment in which high-performing organizations can emerge. He is focused on improving organizational agility through cultural change and is dedicated to growing his connections within the Agile community. Brock is the Agile Coach at Benevity, Inc., a world class software social enterprise that's helping change corporate philanthropy while accomplishing its social mission.

Gene_GendelGene Gendel is an Agile Coach and Organizational Change Agent. HIs focus is on helping organizations and teams with improving system design, organizational structure, and overall efficiency. He engages at all organizational levels: senior leadership, mid-level management, teams, and individuals. To be effective as a coach, he uses various coaching tools and techniques, based on circumstances, while also leveraging elements of training and mentoring to supplement his coaching. He delivers such education to crowds via personal presentations, organizing open-space agile collaboration workshops, retreats, group meetings, and other community activities.

Simon_OrrellAccruing experience with business leaders and agile environments since 2004, Simon Orrell became one of three Certified Enterprise Coaches in Canada in 2010 and has been working with individuals, teams, and leaders to help transform oil and gas, financial services, and construction businesses. A background including P.Eng. and PMP accreditation also provides him with a pragmatic approach to product, team, and organizational development. His career in project execution/management since 1996 has spanned a multitude of domains. He specializes in the initiation and ongoing coaching of Leadership and Agile principles, values, and techniques within organizations with an additional emphasis on Product and Portfolio management techniques for both co -located and distributed teams. Most recently he’s been working with EPCM and Owner teams building large natural gas processing plants using Scrum principles, values and techniques.

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