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Agile Gothenburg is a non-profit Scrum Alliance user group that provides a community for those who are practicing, passionate about or interested in Agile styles of management and leadership in the town of Gothenburg.

The group goal is to offer insights into the manifestation of Agile behaviors and concepts (in leadership, project, program, portfolio, product, delivery, and service management) through featured talks, group creativity techniques and the sharing of knowledge, experience, and lessons learned.

The format varies from talks to workshops to open space meetings.

No previous experience in Agile frameworks and techniques is required, and the events are free and open to all participants!

Feel free to reach out to have your talk featured in case you will be speaking to the Swedish audience on a topic related to leadership of management.

Organization number: 802517-6309
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Note: Certain webinars that are shared on this page are due to official Scrum Alliance user group activities. Unless stated otherwise, watching a webinar enables you to claim one Scrum Educational Unit (SEU) under Category A. Please see for more information.

Upcoming Events
Agile People Sweden Conference 2018
Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Group Leader
Sari Haj Hussein

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