Certified Coaches Offering Online Coaching
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San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Michael de la Maza 


Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Brock Argue 

Brock Argue


Berlin, Germany


Olaf Lewitz


New York City, New York, USA

Gene Gendel 

Gene Gendel


  • CTC Program co-creator.

  • CTC/CEC Review Committee

  •  Please contact directly via on-line submission form on my site (example) with any questions.

  •  www.keystepstosuccess.com

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA


Bob Galen

 (CEC, CAL) 

  • 60- to 90-minute online coaching circles.

  • Can be role focused (ScrumMasters, product owners, coaches) or general in nature.

  • Organization and group mentoring also available. 

  •  Check out http://rgalen.com/coaching-circles or email bob@rgalen.com to discuss your goals. 

Canmore, Alberta, Canada

Simon Orrell

Simon Orrell


  • A limited number of 1-hour online coaching sessions are available each month.

  • Specializing in product ownership/portfolio management, organizational leadership, and applying Scrum outside of software.

  • Email simon@snowdolphin.com or visit http://snowdolphin.com/new-products/ to book your session. 

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Erkan Kadir 

Erkan Kadir



Washington D.C., USA

Jim York 

Jim York



Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, USA 


Cherie Silas

(CEC and PCC) 

  • Online group mentoring, focus on professional coaching skills.

  • Online 1-hour, one-on-one mentoring in CTC application and skills.

  • Online or phone 1-hour coaching session, choose your topic.

  • Online full-team coaching/mentoring in Agile.

  • CTC Review Committee

  • Contact Cherie directly at coachcherie@att.net 


Stockholm, Sweden


Evelyn Tian


  • Offering online coaching and mentoring options 
    Path to CSP Educator, offering virtual interactive programs towards A-CSM, A-CSPO etc. as part of Path to CSP 
  • Specialized in large scale organization transformation 
  • http://evelynkonsult.se
  • To book: coaching@evelynkonsult.se

London, UK


John McFadyen



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