Scrum Alliance User Group Leader Resources
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Scrum Alliance ® offers a few different resources for our user group leaders so their user groups will be as vibrant and successful as possible. Below you will find our offerings:

User Group Leader Slack Channel:

This channel is exclusive to Scrum Alliance user group leaders. Here, you can collaborate with fellow user group leaders for tips and info on how to successfully lead your user group. Click here to join now. 

Email Promotions:

Scrum Alliance offers to send out emails to community members in your area to promote your user group and/or upcoming events. Click here to download the User Group Email Form. Please submit requests at least 1 month prior to your event to

Sponsorship Funds:

You can apply for Scrum Alliance sponsorship funds for upcoming user group meetings. Click here to view and complete the Community Sponsorship Application. Please apply for sponsorship funds at least 4 months prior to your event.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Starting, Sustaining, and Growing a Scrum User Group:

Are you an existing Scrum User Group (SUG) Leader and looking for ways to grow and sustain your local SUG? Are you a prospective SUG Leader and not sure where to start? Mark Palmer, leader of the ScrumRVA User Group

in Richmond, VA wrote this article to share with you what he learned in starting, sustaining, and growing that group. Click here to view this invaluable resource.


User Group Logos:

If you would like a logo for your user group, please contact


Are you interested in leading a Scrum Alliance user group in your area? Complete the User Group Application and Leader Agreement Below. Please ensure that there are no existing user groups in your area before submitting your application. If you see an inactive group in your area and you would like to potentially take over ownership of or co-lead the group, contact the user group leader or to inquire. 



You can also access this form by clicking here.


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