What is a User Group?
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By definition, a user group is a set of people who have similar interests, goals, or concerns and have regular meetings and communication, online and in-person.
Scrum Alliance User Groups are made up of individuals who are passionate about Scrum and Agile. The community consists of many local groups in which the members live in a common geographical area and can meet locally, but also share ideas through online forums and blogs throughout the year.
Specialty User Groups are focused on a particular topic within the realm of Scrum and Agile. We invite all registered members and qualified certified individuals to join an unlimited number of user groups for free, to stay connected with peers and make the most of your Agile journey.
While we ask User Group leaders not to charge annual membership fees, we do understand the need to charge a small amount for certain events in order to cover costs. These costs can be related to food, beverage, speaker, or material fees. We always welcome User Groups to apply for a sponsorship from Scrum Alliance® in order to cover these costs.

You can also earn Category A or D SEUs toward your CSP certification through User Group participation or volunteering. Scrum Alliance User Groups number in the hundreds and are located around the world. One may be located near you. Or you may want to join a group that specializes in your industry or interests. Or, start your own by contacting Membership Support with this group application form completed.
New Platform for User Groups
Scrum Alliance has moved User Groups to this new, more robust platform. User Groups have the ability to connect with each other through forums, blogs, messaging, events, and more. For any questions on moving your user group or starting a new User Group in your area, please email Membership Support.
Want to be considered for event sponsorship?
If you would like your local user group or to be considered for sponsorship by Scrum Alliance, please complete and submit our Sponsorship Application to Membership Support. 

Have Questions?
Contact us Support@ScrumAlliance.org

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